During their operation cycle, infrastructures, industrial structures and equipment go through mechanical aggressions, meteorological cycles and environmental conditions evolution. They simply deteriorate with age.

To detect damaging and prevent risks, structural health and integrity data have to be continuously analyzed and monitored with attention. This data is a key driver in the decision making process for efficient maintenance policies and controlled intervention operations.


HIKOB provides autonomous and multi-point wireless data acquisition systems to integrate synchronized measures from accelerometers, temperature or pressure sensors and vibration sensors.

These systems include ultra-compact and wireless acquisition nodes, easy to install and to configure: no need for cabling or preventive maintenance operations. The wireless nodes communicate real-time information to your application or middleware through HIKOB powerful local wireless acquisition network.

When preventing risks and operations shut down matter HIKOB wireless data acquisition systems are a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for maintenance managers, assets managers or engineering managers.

With open interfaces (REST-XML programming interface, serial communication bus, dry contact output), HIKOB system integrates easily with your existing computing infrastructure and information system.

Regardless your assets (transportation infrastructures, industrial production, rolling stock, energy transportation infrastructure, public assets), HIKOB system support your decision-making process with valuable data.