Energy consumption is a key success factor in preventive maintenance policies in industrial production activity. In an environmentally friendly perspective and in a budget expenditures savings objective, an accurate and continuous knowledge of machines consumption status is the guarantee to keep optimal operations conditions, to deliver maintenance operations just in time and to generate substantial savings.

With data continuously collected at the heart of the production tool, maintenance and engineering managers take informed decision regarding energy spendings to otimize their equipment consumption modes to meet real production needs.


HIKOB provides wireless autonomous and multi-points data acquisition systems that bring preventive maintenance and industrial machine monitoring to the next level:

Wireless, ultra-compact, easy to install, and cost effective, HIKOB data acquisition systems do not require cabling operations and preventive maintenance operations. They integrate with sensors to collect temperature, pressure, power consumption electric energy consumption data, and use HIKOB local wireless acquisition network to forward data from your industrial facility to your information and decision system.

Thanks to standardized and open interfaces (REST-XML programming interface, serial communication bus, dry contact output), HIKOB system easily integrate to existing IT infrastructures and information system.

Accurate data for energy consumption is a key success factor in industrial equipment maintenance and in energy efficiency monitoring of industrial facilities.