The rapid and steady increase in urban traffic makes the continued use of the road network a critical issue. Monitoring of road infrastructures becomes a decisive lever.

Effective monitoring ensures the continuous operation of the roadway, the quality and safety of road networks and boosts the economic attractiveness of the cities. Winter maintenance is part of the road network monitoring. Its strategic goal is to is to watch the changes in the atmospheric conditions and in the surface condition of road pavements in order to maintain favourable traffic situations for users.

Controlling information related to meteorological evolutions provides decisive assistance to network managers to analyze winter risk and take appropriate decisions.



HIKOB develops wireless acquisition systems based on wireless, miniaturized and low-power temperature and humidity sensors to collect the road weather observation data required for the precise management of maintenance operations and traffic management.

The system is comprised of sensors placed in the roadway for the measurement of the pavement surface temperature and external sensors for the measurement of the air temperature and humidity. These sensors capture in real time the temperature and humidity data needed to track snow and ice phenomena and transmit them instantaneously via radio communication protocol through the gateway that links to the dedicated IP network (wired network or cellular network). Access to the data is done directly by querying the gateways remotely or via the cloud computing infrastructure proposed by HIKOB to store and visualize the data. This actionable information makes it possible to refine the decision-making of winter operations.

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of HIKOB systems and in all contexts and configurations, it has never been easier to deploy a road weather observation system. Easy to install, without any preventive maintenance operation, it adapts to integration needs through standardized and open interfaces, depending on the existing IT or hardware infrastructure.

HIKOB wireless roadside data collection systems provide a reliable, efficient and economical solution to optimize the triggering of interventions, limit resource consumption and reduce the environmental impact of salting.