During their life cycle civil engineering structures and construction works are aging, deforming, deteriorating and their mechanical capacities are evolving.

A sharp knowledge of the evolution of the mechanical parameters and the monitoring of physical data are key elements to:

  • define and execute predictive maintenance strategies,
  • manage with balance the asset life cycle,
  • ensure the required safety and security for the users of the civil engineering structure.


To optimize infrastructure lifespan, HIKOB provides structural health monitoring systems based on advanced wireless data acquisition systems to:

  • Monitor cracks development,
  • Monitor 3D structure tilt and shift,
  • Measure vibrations,
  • Measure constraints and strains in materials,
  • Measure environmental parameters (temperature, atmospheric pressure) inside and outside materials.

Ultra-compact and wireless, HIKOB data acquisition systems are easy and quick to install. Robust and reliable, they provides a real-time access to accurate and useful sensing data to help you in your decision making process.

Whatever the nature of your infrastructure (transportation infrastructure, industrial building, energy production and transport infrastructure, large public and social infrastructure or historical real-estate), HIKOB will assist you in building a data acquisition system that fit the scope of your project and your monitoring needs.