To detect shocks origins

Keeping machines and production equipment in operational conditions is mission-critical for many industrial applications. In many cases stopping the production process will generates dramatic losses.

Rotating and vibrating machines are naturally affected by regular mechanical constraints, vibrations and shocks that are breakdown factors when they exceed acceptable threshold.

Understanding machine health state in an accurate way is the guarantee of optimum conditions maintenance operations. It ensures to intervene at the right time and with a cost effective way.

Shocks, vibrations and environmental context parameters (temperature, pressure…), are many strategic data that need to be collected in real-time, at the heart of production tools in complex and harsh fields. It is crucial to understand the reason that causes the damage and the moment when it happens in the production process and where in the production line.


HIKOB provides wireless, autonomous and multi-points data acquisition systems that make conditional maintenance systems and industrial machines monitoring enter into a new era:

  • Easier access to key vibratory data,
  • Robust wireless communications and no interferences with other wireless networks (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi …),
  • Coverage of large areas through autonomous and wireless routers allowing an extensive and multi-hops radio network deployment,
  • Improvement of diagnostic reliability: continuous data acquisition and collection, more relevant spectrum of data enabling superior analysis compared to single and isolated data acquisition,
  • Long life cycle for the sensor part of the system thanks to an optimized management of the embedded computing resources for signal processing.

Thanks to standardized and open interfaces (REST-XML programming interface, serial communication bus, dry contact output), HIKOB wireless data acquisition system easily integrates to existing computing infrastructures and information systems.