HIKOB INSTANT systems are designed to collect from the field, in real-time, raw data or pre-processed information necessary for parking areas and on-street parking management, needed for urban traffic management and control and essential for making informed decisions during winter road service operations.

HIKOB INSTANT wireless vehicle detection and weather observation systems are made up of wireless, miniaturized and low-power magnetometer sensors and temperature and humidity sensors combined with a wireless local infrastructure that carries out data collection and connectivity with IP or telecom networks, or an onsite equipment.

Cost-effective, with no wiring operations, easy to install and maintenance free. Thanks to the latest HIKOB INSTANT technologies:

  • Optimize parking occupancy rate and control parking times,
  • Manage traffic light at junctions,
  • Improve your understanding of traffic flows on the road networks,
  • Control the street lighting to adapt the energy consumption,
  • Optimize your winter operations.
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HIKOB INSTANT systems provide critical information for parking areas and on-street parking, traffic management, street lighting, road weather monitoring applications as a basis for informed decision-making…

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