HIKOB NETPULSE APP is a Windows-based tablet application that provides local supervision and administration of HIKOB INSTANT vehicle presence detection systems.

Access to HIKOB NETPULSE APP is done directly on the tablet connected via the serial output to the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE.

HIKOB NETPULSE APP user interface is very simple and intuitive. In just a few clicks, the strategic functions are available. A standalone application adapted and adjusted to a punctual operational administration need.

  • Management / visualization of the network composition and advance configuration of the wireless sensors topology
  • Configuration of the dry contact outputs of the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE
  • Pairing with the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE
  • Monitoring of the wireless sensors battery voltage
  • Monitoring of the wireless network quality of service (transmission/reception, RSSI)


HIKOB NETPULSE APP for parking application, release 2017

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