Sensors & acquisition nodes

MEMS technologies, positioning and localization

HIKOB IN MOTION acquisition nodes integrate latest generation inertial MEMS components (electromechanical microsystems) for multi-sensors data collection and fusion: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, but also localization and positioning features combining GPS and radio positioning to offer the highest level of accuracy.

Scalable deployment architectures

Depending on applicative needs, data acquisition is carried by the way of three deploying modes:

  • Unit data logging: data storage on internal nodes memory for an a posteriori treatment,
  • Synchronized data logging: data storage on internal nodes memory deployed in synchronized sensors network,
  • Data streaming in a real-time communication architecture driven by the HIKOB acquisition network.

Acquisition network & connectivity

To provide a high level of service in mobility contexts or in moving assets monitoring applications, HIKOB deploys a bi-directional and FTDMA (Frequency Time Division Multiple Access) acquisition network in the 2.4 GHz ISM bandwidth based on IEEE 802.15.4 or UWB communication stacks.

HIKOB IN MOTION acquisition network provides fast data exchange and live data streaming. Extremely robust, self-configuring and self-healing, able to support large deployments with more than a hundred acquisition nodes by network. it ensures high synchronization and low latency communications in the wireless nodes network.

HIKOB acquisition network brings connectivity with any types of long-range telecommunication networks: IP network, cellular or satellite network.