Detect vehicle entrances / exits to control filling rates

Efficient traffic operations in private access areas, private parking zone or restricted access area require reliable and accurate securing and monitoring systems. Asset and property managers have to settle smart and scalable vehicle detection systems, so as to:

  • count traffic flow at entrances and exits of the area,
  • smooth the access control process with a fully automated vehicle detection system.

HIKOB provides wireless systems for vehicle detection based on wireless magnetometer technologies. Wireless sensors are placed in the road pavement and deployed at the entrance and exit spots of the area. They detect vehicles and send real time data through a radio protocol to the gateway directly connected with the control system.

Compared to traditional inductive loops, HIKOB vehicle detection systems are cost effective, easy to install, and don’t need cabling or preventive maintenance operations. A reliable, efficient and economical solution!

Thanks to standardized and open interfaces HIKOB system will easily integrate with your existing hardware and software IT infrastructure:

  • REST-XML programming interface
  • Serial communication bus
  • Dry contact output