Monitor the occupancy of places dedicated to electric charging to control the use of electric charging stations networks

Since decade, financial incentives and statutory measures to support and accommodate the deployment of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles are thriving. They are clearly directed towards a genuine objective of energy transition. Notwithstanding, the most determining stake remains the adequacy of the charging infrastructures offer with the market growing demand. The offer performance and efficiency in the acceleration of the transition process towards electric mobility depends on the control of the information of real and actual availability of the charging stations.

HIKOB INSTANT EVSE vehicle presence detection system on the EV-Charging points places guarantees the profitability of the deployed infrastructures. It ensures the service efficiency expected by electric vehicles drivers. It is decisive for the adhesion of the electromobility future users.


With HIKOB INSTANT EVSE wireless vehicle presence detection system, optimizing the effective availability of charging points and their profitability becomes a simple and fast operation. Miniature and wireless HIKOB WISECOW-P magnetometer sensors are installed in the parking spaces dedicated to the electric vehicles. They detect the presence of vehicles on the spot and communicate the information in real time via the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE connected by dry contact to the charging station controller. The operator can check whether the space is actually occupied by a vehicle connected with EV-Charging point. He is thus able to provide drivers with an accurate information about the availability of charge points; the charging station is available and the parking space is vacant. The wireless presence detection system HIKOB INSTANT EVSE is simple and fast to deploy.

Reliable, robust, cost-effective, easy to install, without wiring operations, the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE vehicle detection systems on the recharging point requires no preventive maintenance operation and ensures the service efficiency of the infrastructure in place as to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.