Monitor in real time the availability of parking spaces to inform in real time

Street parking and urban mobility managers are now facing critical challenges in parking management, a key driver in an efficient and sustainable urban mobility policy. They need to optimize the existing street parking infrastructure, to develop reliable multimodal information services and to enhance the parking policy enforcement process:

  • Inform drivers about parking place availability in real-time
  • Optimize traffic to the parking resources in the same geographical area
  • Increase effective clearance rate with an automated control of occupancy rates

HIKOB provides vehicle detection and parking places occupancy monitoring systems for urban or private parking, commercial surfaces parking or onstreet parking.

The wireless system for vehicle detection provided by HIKOB includes energy autonomous and wireless sensors deployed on each parking place. They detect the presence of a vehicle parked on a place with a magnetometer sensor that is measuring the magnetic field variations generated by the metallic body of the car. The wireless sensors are buried in the road pavement and communicate detection data through HIKOB wireless acquisition network. The cornerstone of this local network, HIKOB GATEWAY provides both the connectivity with the Internet network (wired or cellular) for remote data transmission, and also with on field information equipment if needed.

Magnetic field variation data processing is carried out by the sensor embedded firmware. The algorithm of the solution is based on a global approach combining:

  • Periodic 3D magnetic field measures with a dynamically compensated temperature drift (executed at the sensor level),
  • Continuous self-calibration of the sensor based on an advanced learning algorithm,
  • Parking places real-time occupancy data is processed on the HIKOB acquisition network gateway.

Easy and quick to install, HIKOB wireless systems for vehicle detection significantly reduce installation and maintenance operations. Reliable and robust, HIKOB systems ensure an unrivaled detection accuracy. From single place deployment for temporary stop bollards or electric vehicles charging stations to large scale deployment of several hundred places, HIKOB smart wireless sensor network will fit various application needs when vehicle detection for parking spaces availability monitoring matters.