Detect vehicles in real time to control public lighting

In the last few years, cities and local authorities have reinforced their commitments towards a sustainable development and in particular regarding energy saving. Often controversial, energetics spending for public lighting is a real environmental and financial challenge for cities. Involved in recurring maintenance operations of the lightning infrastructure, cities need to consume more reasonably and smarter.

The Industrial Internet and IoT are real opportunities for cities to deploy innovative systems to adapt public lighting intensity to the level of road traffic.


Through HIKOB wireless vehicle detection systems, to restrict public urban lighting energy consumption in real-time become a simple and fast operation. HIKOB miniaturized and smart wireless magnetometer sensors are deployed to detect vehicle movements in the area. They communicate vehicle detection data in real-time to the public lighting controller which adapts the light intensity depending on the real street traffic flow. Public lighting is put at the lowest level when the area is empty and escalates when the wireless sensors detect vehicle movements.

Thanks to standardized and open interfaces HIKOB system will easily integrate with your existing hardware and software IT infrastructure:

  • REST-XML programming interface
  • Serial communication bus
  • Dry contact output

Robust and reliable, HIKOB system will be the system of choice for vehicle detection in advanced public lighting control systems, delivering high reactivity to adapt lightning intensity to real traffic needs. It will contribute to significantly reduce energy consumption.