Collect localized weather data to anticipate winter maintenance operations

Every year motorway and road operators are activating their operations for the winter service and are deploying substantial means: dedicated road agents and patrollers, snow plows and truck mounted spreaders.

Keeping the road network clear and with a smooth traffic is a major challenge. Last winter’s crisis are showing clearly that the road network is still a key infrastructure for a highly connected and just-in-time economy.


Based on its advanced wireless sensor network, HIKOB provides wireless data acquisition systems to collect road weather data and to create powerful road weather – RWIS system.

HIKOB system includes wireless and low power sensor nodes embedded in the road pavement to measure the road surface temperatures as well as wireless sensor nodes to measure the outside air temperature and humidity. The sensor nodes are communicating real time information through a wireless RF protocol to a gateway that is connected to an IP network (landline or cellular networks).

The access to data is made either by connecting remotely to the gateway or via HIKOB cloud-computing infrastructure for data storage and visualization.

Easy and quick to install, reliable and robust, HIKOB wireless systems for road weather – RWIS system significantly reduce installation and maintenance operations, and ensure unrivaled data accuracy. They are a cost effective, solution for road operation managers in their winter service decision-making process.

It has never been so easy to deploy road weather – RWIS system regardless contexts and configurations, due to the versatility and scalability of HIKOB systems and their open interface for easy data integration.