Detect vehicles in real time to automate the driving of traffic lights

Cities and towns confirm their strategic commitment to a sustainable mobility system. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and vehicle detection systems play a significant role in the optimization of existing resources for traffic management and improve the safety of the urban road network through the provision of accurate and dynamic traffic data :

  • They offer the ability to adapt extremely precisely, locally and globally the control of traffic lights according to the real traffic conditions.
  • They make it possible to monitor the cycles of green locally for the different users of the network (light vehicles and heavy vehicles, public transport vehicles, trams…) in order to reduce waits and delays and to ensure maximum fluidity to the traffic.
  • They provide a global vision of the reality of traffic to manage and optimize traffic light cycles, manage traffic flows interdependencies at the strategic points of the network and synchronize the flows of the different types of road users.
  • This has the effect to smooth urban mobility by improving the fluidity of journeys, reducing journey times and improving the comfort and safety of road users. This greater control of mobility facilitates also the transfer of urban mobility to soft modes.

The wireless vehicle detection systems offered by HIKOB provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for road and urban mobility managers.

Wireless magnetometer sensors are installed in the road pavement and communicate through HIKOB wireless acquisition network detection data for the dynamic management of the local (local actuation) or coordinated traffic lights (adaptive control, green waves) in real time. They also provide real-time and continuous traffic data to fuel advanced urban traffic management systems with traffic volumes, occupation rate and speed data.

Whatever the IT or hardware infrastructure, HIKOB systems adapt to integration needs thanks to its standardized and open interfaces:

  • REST-XML programming interface
  • DIASER communication interface
  • Serial communication bus
  • Dry contact output

Cost-effective, easy to install and wireless HIKOB systems do not require preventive maintenance and outweigh the benefits of conventional technologies such as electromagnetic loops, micro radars or video.