Measure traffic flows in real time to inform urban traffic policy

Ensuring user safety and smooth traffic flows in road operations is a key challenge for local authorities and road network operators. Accurate data on the reality of usage of the road network and a sharp knowledge of the events that may have an effect on the operations are key information to:

  • better appreciate drivers and road transportation professionals habits,
  • quantify and qualify traffic flows,
  • feed advanced mission-critical systems (centralized traffic management systems, info-mobility systems …),
  • inform operations in real-time for a smooth decision making process.

HIKOB provides wireless data acquisition systems that bring road traffic operations and traffic information services to the next level… Based on wireless and energy autonomous magnetometer sensors, HIKOB systems are easier and quicker to install. Those smart sensors embedded in the road pavement, detect vehicles, measure traffic flows and help you to better understand on your road network:

  • Vehicle counting and traffic flow monitoring
  • Vehicle classification (light vehicles and heavy goods vehicles)
  • Speed measurement
  • Occupancy rate measurement
  • Traffic jams length measurement
  • Magnetic signature data collection

Thanks to standardized and open interfaces HIKOB road traffic counting and monitoring systems will easily integrate with your exisiting IT systems whatever your environment, motorway, road or urban networks. Easy and quick to install, reliable and robust, HIKOB wireless systems for vehicle detection significantly reduce installation and maintenance operations compared to traditional inductive loop technologies.