Electric mobility: HIKOB controls the actual availability of EV-Charging stations

Lyon, January 23, 2017HIKOB unveils INSTANT EVSE* at ATEC ITS France Congress, to be held from the 24th to 25th January in Paris, a turnkey system ready to be installed to control, in real time, the presence of vehicles at the charging station parking space.

This innovative offer meets the needs of the electric mobility market, boosted by the latest European directive. The latter foresees, by 2020, the ambitious installation of 97,000 public EV charging stations in France and 800,000 charging points in Europe.

“HIKOB responds to the strategic market of electric mobility by launching an offer to control the abusive occupation of the parking spaces dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles. It guarantees to quickly locate effectively available electric recharging points. Eagerly awaited by operators and end users, this solution is part of HIKOB’s 2017 strategy, focused on HIKOB INSTANT wireless vehicle detection systems” says Guillaume Chelius, HIKOB CEO and co-founder.


INSTANT EVSE: a detection system tailored for the electric mobility challenges 

At the start of 2017, there are more than 15,000 public parking spaces in France reserved to the recharging of 93,000 electric vehicles on the roads (Gireve source). But are these places always actually available when the electric vehicle driver needs to have access to the charging station?

INSTANT EVSE wireless vehicle detection system makes it possible to provide a reliable, efficient and economical solution to the problem of access to the electric recharging points:

  • Operators of charging stations can monitor in real time the presence of vehicles whether they are charging or not.
  • End users have reliable information about the actual availability of charging stations.

INSTANT EVSE system, designed for 2 electric recharging points, can be installed in less than 30 minutes, includes:

“It is a packaged offer, easy and ready to install! We have designed a system that allows the real-time collection of a useful data,  highly awaited by electric vehicle drivers: the effective availability of charging points. This solution represents a genuine lever towards electric mobility transition in line with sustainable mobility, a key component of the smart city “, explains Ludovic Broquereau, HIKOB VP Marketing & Business Development.

A highly-awaited offer by electric vehicle supply equipment operators (EVSE)

Launched in the market in early 2017, it has already been approved and deployed on pilot sites in 2016 and brings valuable benefits to all players in the value chain:

  • Operators (communities or Energy and Equipment departments): optimization of charging stations use facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility.
  • Manufacturers: a complementary system that increases the efficiency of the service expected.
  • Installers: a wireless system, easy to install and integrate, requiring no preventive maintenance.

*EVSE : Electric vehicle supply equipment




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