[Press release] SPIE CityNetworks trusts HIKOB to control the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles

Lyon, June 20, 2017 – On the occasion of the Parkopolis exhibition to be held on June 21 and 22, 2017 in Paris – Porte de Versailles, HIKOB announces that SPIE CityNetworks has chosen the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE vehicle presence detection solution to optimize the operation of electric vehicle charging stations in the “eborn” network.

Since March 2017, SPIE CityNetworks has been responsible for deploying, operating and supervising the largest interdepartmental network of 850 electric charging stations on behalf of 5 departmental energy unions in south-eastern France.

SPIE CityNetworks has entrusted HIKOB with the commissioning of INSTANT EVSE on the network recharging stations. HIKOB’s wireless vehicle detection system allows real-time, remote monitoring of the presence of vehicles parked in the dedicated spaces at the electric recharging stations.

Its integration has been validated and recommended by E-Totem / Atomelec, the manufacturer of charging stations for electric vehicles chosen for deployment on the eborn network.



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