Smart road, from utopia to reality

In the era of autonomous vehicles which was one of the top trendy topics at the Las Vegas CES, road infrastructures are already engaged in the Internet of Things revolution.

Road traffic is amplifying

Before thinking that the car of tomorrow will be driverless, safer, connected and cleaner, there is still a long way to go in our cities to solve the traffic management issue suffered by every driver and road operators every week. Road congestion is amplifying over the years, increasing the costs for the community in terms of time, money, health and environmental quality.

Advanced traffic management systems

A global and real-time vision of the urban road traffic are key success factors to efficiently manage traffic flows interdependencies. It consists in deploying advanced traffic management systems in order to optimize traffic lights cycles, manage traffic on strategic points of the network and better synchronize the flows of the different types of road users.

For a maximum efficiency, these systems rely on wireless data acquisition sytems. In road embedded wireless sensors collect crucial traffic data (traffic volumes, occupation rate and speed data) that they transmit to roadside gateways managing the remote connectivity from the field with the traffic control center.

Routeur_HiKoB_AZURE_LION_1_FinalA HIKOB Gateway on the city of Troyes roadside, France

The city of Troyes in France, a pioneer in advanced and sustainable mobility

Approved in 2014, a new UTP (Urban Transportation Plan) aim at allowing a better sharing and operation of the road network for a smarter and sustainable mobility. To manage traffic flows in two strategic points of its road network, the city of Troyes was one of the first french city to adopt the HIKOB wireless traffic data collection system.

Intelligent road is no longer an utopia: it is today at the heart of public authority policies and it is supported by the development plans of the traffic management and road infrastructure industry. Aware of these challenges, cities engage into programmes to equip their road in order to facilitate traffic flows increase urban road traffic safety and answer to current sustainable development issues.

For further information:
Case study: City of Troyes

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