Legal mentions

The website is published by: HIKOB – a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) with capital of 3000 € and headquartered at 28-32 avenue Anatole France – 92 110 CLICHY – France – Incorporated at Nanterre commerce registry with the number 841 442 254 00014.

The Chief Editor is Jonas Svensson, CEO.


The hosting of the website is provided by: OVH headquartered at 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France.


Except otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights relating to documents contained on the site and to each of the elements created for the site are the sole property of HIKOB, given that HIKOB did not grant any license nor any other right except that of consultation to Internet users. In particular, the trademarks, patterns and other intellectual property rights mentioned on the website are owned by HIKOB. All representation or reproduction, totally or in part, of this website – whatever technique used – without prior written authorization of HIKOB, is forbidden.



Personal data: constitutes personal data any information relating to an identified natural person or which can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more elements of its own. Processing of personal data: constitutes the processing of personal data of any transaction or set of transactions involving such data, irrespective of the process used, including the collection, registration, organization, preservation, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making available, reconciliation or interconnection, as well as locking, deleting or destruction.

  1. Categories of Personal Data collected and processed

We collect your personal data, including your surname, first name, professional function, business phone number, professional email address, when you register on our site to download the documents available to you, you provide us your trade data at trade shows or other meeting opportunities, you place an order or subscribe to our newsletter.


3. Conditions of use of Personal Data

Personal Data of Users are collected and processed for defined and precise purposes :

  • Communicate with our customers and improve the quality of our services
  • Manage prospecting operations
  • Process candidate data as part of a recruitment process

The information you provide in connection with a job search is automatically processed by HIKOB to process and manage your application. This data procession is necessary for the execution of applications. In case of hiring, the data may be kept by the employer for the duration of the employment contract. The recipients of the data are the HR department of HIKOB. You have a right of access, rectification, and in case of legitimate reasons for deletion, limitation and opposition to the processing of your data. You also benefit from the possibility to give instructions concerning your data, in case of death. You can exercise these rights by sending an email to the address

  1. Sharing information with third parties

a) Non-communication to the third party

We undertake not to disclose to third parties the information and Personal Data that you provide us. This information and Personal Data are exclusively used by our internal services and will not be sold or sold to third parties without your prior consent.

b) Communication for external treatment needs

Your information and Personal Data may, where appropriate, be passed on to third party contractors involved in the provision of our services (technical and hosting providers, customer follow-up and satisfaction surveys, security incident management or fraudulent activity) , etc.).

HIKOB undertakes to release your information and Personal Data only to authorized and trusted service providers, who process them on our behalf, according to our instructions and in accordance with these Privacy Policy and in compliance with any other appropriate measure. security and confidentiality.

c) Communication for legal and legal reasons

In addition, your information and Personal Data may be disclosed to a third party if the HIKOB company is obliged by law, a regulatory provision, or a court order, or if this disclosure is made necessary for the purposes of an investigation, injunction or legal process, on the national territory or abroad. Similarly, we may share your information and Personal Data with companies, boards or third parties in order to:

  • Enforce the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Sale, including any breaches thereof;
  • Protect against any infringement of the rights, property or safety of HIKOB and its users, in accordance with and in compliance with the law.
  1. Security of Personal Data

We implement all necessary security measures to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access and disclosure, modification, damage or destruction of the data we hold. To this end, HIKOB and its technical and hosting service providers have taken appropriate measures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and security of your Personal Data. We cannot however assure that your communications and other Personal Data will not be intercepted or disclosed by a third party.

  1. Respect of the rights of Users of the website

You have a right of access (ex: to verify the data you allow us to keep), of a right of rectification (to update or correct your data), and of a right of suppression of your Personal Data, as well as a right of objection to the collection and processing of all or part of these for commercial prospecting purposes, including profiling to the extent that it is related to such a prospection.

In addition, it should be noted that these rights offer you the possibility of modifying your notification preferences at any time, by accepting or refusing that your Personal Data be used as part of our marketing or promotional actions.

You can exercise these rights at any time by e-mail to:

General terms and conditions of supply


  1. Hereby General Terms and Conditions (ˮGTCˮ) shall govern any sale of goods, equipment, computer programs or services (hereafter referred to as ˮProductsˮ) by HIKOB in France or abroad. Products shall be for professional use exclusively.
  2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed upon in writing, hereby GTC shall supersede any document other than Specific Terms and Conditions of Supply (« STC ») provided in quotations or order confirmation by HIKOB. Any document (such as catalogues, leaflets, product descriptions or website information) other than STC or any document issued by the Client shall be non-­‐binding for HIKOB.



  1. All orders are subject to written acceptance by HIKOB and shall be binding only for the Products and quantities stipulated in the order confirmation. Any request for modification shall be only binding for HIKOB upon prior written acceptance by HIKOB, and related costs shall be borne by the Client. Shall unexpected or unforeseen circumstances compromise Products’ delivery, HIKOB shall be entitled to amend the terms of the order.
  2. As a professional specialist in the field of the Products, the Client hereby declares and acknowledges that he has selected the Products under its sole responsibility, and in full consideration of its intended use. The Client shall be the sole person responsible for making all necessary checks and asking HIKOB any information deemed necessary for the purpose thereof. Validation by the Client releases HIKOB from any responsibility for the contents of approved documents.
  3. In particular, as a professional specialist in the field of the Products, the Client undertakes to :
  • verify, before any purchase of Products, that all information necessary to assess Products’ suitability to his needs were provided to him;
  • verify that his equipment, environment or sites are convenient as regards Products’ use;
  • comply with all precautions of use mentioned in Products’ usage guide, in addition to general or specific instructions provided by



  1. Products’ price is listed in the STC.
  2. Prices are exclusive of taxes and duties, cost of transport, installation, insurance and maintenance. HIKOB reserves the right to increase the price of the Products in the event of unforeseen circumstances impacting Products’ cost between order and delivery.
  3. Payment shall be made within 30 days from the date of invoice, if Client has sufficient collateral. Price shall otherwise be paid upon delivery.
  4. Orders for specific supplies require payment of a deposit.
  5. Late penalty fees shall apply, calculated on the basis of the outstanding balance, including taxes, starting on the day the payment was due and until effective provision of money owed on HIKOB’s bank account. These penalties shall be of three times the statutory interest rate.
    In  addition  to  that,  pursuant  to  the  provisions  of  Article  L.  441-­‐6  of  French  Code  de  commerce,  a collection fee of 40 € shall additionally be charged for late payments, without requiring formal reminder or notice.
    HIKOB further reserves the right to immediately suspend all pending orders or request immediate payment of all pending invoices.



  1. Estimated delivery times indicated in the order confirmation sent by HIKOB are not binding but are provided merely as an indication, for information purposes.
    Products are sold EX WORKS (Incoterm, ICC 2010).
  1. HIKOB shall not be liable for any failure or delay in delivery times due to unforeseen circumstances or for reasons out of its control.



  1. Estimated Products always travel at the risks of the Client, without any liability on HIKOB. Upon receipt of the Products, the Client undertakes to :
  • perform all necessary checks as to condition, quality and conformity of the Products, and
  • make all reservations on related delivery documents; and
  • confirm said reservations via registered letter to the carrier within 3 (three) days following delivery (pursuant to the terms of Article L. 133-­‐3 of French Code de commerce); and
  • inform HIKOB of said reservations in the same timeframe, via registered letter.



  1. In case of non-­‐conformity of the Products, the Client shall make a claim within 10 days of delivery. Products shall otherwise be deemed conform and definitely accepted by the
  2. No Product shall be returned to HIKOB without its prior written consent. Return may only concern Product kept in its original condition and neither used nor deteriorated.
    Costs and risks relating to the return shall be borne by the Client who must ensure that transport comply with all laws and regulations, in particular as regards the lithium batteries.
  1. Upon confirmation by HIKOB of alleged Products’ non-­‐conformity, In the case of non-­‐compliance found by HIKOB after return, it will proceed at its convenience to the exchange of the Products or refund the purchase price, without being subject to any other obligation or refund the purchase price, without being subject to any other obligation or compensation.



  1. The Products, even delivered, remain the property of HIKOB until full payment.
  2. In the event that the Client does not to comply with the time limits or terms of payment, HIKOB shall be entitled to take back the Products or request their return at the Client’s expenses.
  3. The Client shall at all times to arrange for the goods to be identified as not being its property and thus insured these goods cannot be assigned as security or seized.
  4. The Client undertakes to provide all care to the custody and preservation of the Products and subscribe to all necessary insurance policies to cover damages and risks related with their detention as long as the transfer of ownership is still pending, the property being retained by HIKOB.



  1. As a professional specialist in its field, the Client shall comply with all the precautions in the use of the Products, in addition to the instructions or specifications which may be provided by HIKOB.
    The Client acknowledges, as a professional specialist in its field, being fully aware of the risks inherent in the use of the Products, and having the necessary skills and resources to prevent and assume these risks and waives all claims against HIKOB.
    The Client shall ensure that the premises and equipment are suitable for the use of the Products.



  1. HIKOB warrants, during a period of one year following the date of delivery, that the Products comply with the technical specifications defined in the order confirmation and are free from defects in material or workmanship.
    Any other warranty, including as to the suitability of the Products for a particular purpose, performance or result is expressly excluded.
    Under the guarantee the obligation of HIKOB is limited to the supply of an identical product or offering equivalent functionality, cost of transport exclusive of installation cost or cost of removal which remain at the expense of the customer.
  1. The supply of computer programs does not include training, technical support, corrective nor upgrade maintenance. Updates are therefore never included in the offer. Such services are available upon request at HIKOB, and are governed by different terms and conditions.
  2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, HIKOB disclaims all warranties, express or implied, relating to:
    • use of a version of the Product different from currently supported version and non modified, if claim or liability might have been avoided by using currently supported or modified version;
    • combination of Products or deployment thereof in connection with programs or materials not provided by HIKOB.

Provision of hereby clause shall provide all express or implied warranties of HIKOB including warranties of non‐infringement of third party proprietary or intellectual property rights.



  1. HIKOB’s responsibility shall be limited as related only to means, not to results.
  2. Therefore HIKOB’s liability may only be triggered in the event of gross negligence on its part.
  3. HIKOB may only be held liable for direct material damage resulting from its negligence, excluding consequential or indirect damages such as, among others, lost profits, loss of production, image damage. HIKOB’s financial responsibility is capped by an amount equal to twice the price paid by the Client to purchase the Products.
  4. These limitations of liability are knowingly accepted by the Client, given the tariff conditions it enjoys. The Client acknowledges having been informed of the possibility to benefit from limits of liability of a higher amount with higher tariff conditions.
  5. HIKOB expressly disclaims any liability for:
    • Products’ suitability to specific needs of the Client or specifically suited for its intended purpose;
    • conditions of installation and use of the Products,
    • Products’ performance of the or other specifications not provided by contract,
    • the adequacy of the Products to the specific expectations of the Client or its intended use,
    • normal wear and tear of the Products,
    • the consequences of neglect, misuse or mishandling of products.
  6. HIKOB is not responsible for total or partial breach of its obligations, upon the occurrence of an event impeding the performance of its obligations or making this performance particularly difficult or costly, especially the occurrence of one of the following events: civil or foreign war, insurrection, riot, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, embargoes, blockades, measures taken by French or foreign authorities, disruption of supplies, delays due to carrier, strike, lockout, the occupation of factories, social unrest.



  1. All intellectual property rights relating to the Products, including trademark and distinctive signs remain the sole and exclusive property of HIKOB.
  2. Unless otherwise expressly provided hereby, the sale of the Products does not imply any transfer or license of these intellectual property rights.
  3. The Client is solely responsible to ensure that its intended use of the Products does not infringe intellectual property rights of third parties, in countries where such use is considered.


34.     License of use

  1. The Client is granted a personal, non-­‐transferable, non transmissible and non-­‐exclusive license to use HIKOB’s computer programs, for the sole purpose of Products’ use.
  2. This right can only be used for the personal needs of the Client, and on given equipment, The Client hereby undertakes that it shall not transfer this right to anyone.
    Expressly permitted use of Products shall be the sole right to use hereby granted.
    All other rights, especially the rights associated with reproduction, translation, modification, adaptation, shall be deemed retained by HIKOB. Reproduction of the documentation related to the Products is strictly forbidden.
  1. In case a computer program is supplied as integrated into equipment, the Client undertakes to keep that software integrated, and neither to manipulate nor to replace it. The Client therefore undertakes to request HIKOB’s intervention for integrated computer programs. Under such circumstances, HIKOB shall remain free to replace the whole equipment, as it deems necessary.
  2. As concerns non integrated computer programs:
    • the Client is authorized to transfer, temporarily and at its own risks, HIKOB’s computer program on a backup equipment if agreed upon equipment turns out to be out of service, and provided the Client informs HIKOB beforehand; and
    • use on a equipment other than the equipment agreed upon beforehand –be it as additional  equipment   or   for   definitive   replacement-­‐   or   extension   of   preapproved equipment by increase in capacity, size, upgrade, or user group, requires prior written consent by HIKOB; and
    • pursuant to applicable legal provisions, computer programs may not be reproduced or copied except to make one copy for backup purposes only.


39.     Decompilation,  interoperability

  1. As regards decompilation or interoperability, Client’s rights shall be limited to the mandatory provisions of Article L.122-­‐6-­‐1 of French Code de la propriété intellectuelle.
  2. The Client undertakes, that it shall, before requesting it from a third party or pursuing itself such information, ask HIKOB beforehand whether or not information necessary to achieve interoperability is already readily available.
    If such information is not readily available, the Client shall notify HIKOB, via prior registered letter, of the operations to be conducted for the purpose thereof, the people supposed to undertake them, and the place of operation.
  1. The Client undertakes that:
    • it shall not make this information available to a third party;
    • the information obtained must not be used to develop, produce or market a program which infringes copyright in the decompiled program, that the rightholder’s legitimate interests are not prejudiced and the use does not conflict with a normal exploitation of the computer program, and generally speaking, with HIKOB’s interests; and
    • it shall not undertake any decompilation measures, including for interoperability purposes, out of the very narrow scope of the provisions of Article L. 122-­‐6-­‐1 of French Code de la propriété intellectuelle, and that those parts of the program that are not necessary to achieve interoperability must not be decompiled.
  2. HIKOB reserves the right to verify on Client’s premises that it complies with hereby terms and conditions and that the information obtained for decompilation purposes is neither made available to any third party, nor used to develop, produce or market a similar or competing program.


44.     Technical protection measures

  1. The Client is informed and expressly accepts that, pursuant to applicable laws and regulations:
    • Product may integrate technological devices to control their conditions and environment of use and to verify that Clients fully comply with hereby provisions and that it therefore accepts to activate, upon request, these technological devices and to provide HIKOB with any information needed; and
    • HIKOB shall be free to use such information to verify Client’s compliance with the terms of hereby license to protect its intellectual property rights or to verify general compliance; and
    • the Client shall neither circumvent nor attempt to circumvent technical protection measures.
  2. HIKOB therefore reserves the right to :
    • integrate technological devices into Products to control their conditions and environment of use and to verify that Clients fully comply with hereby provisions, in particular by accessing data concerning conditions of use of the Products or number of copies made; and
    • integrate a locking system or a licensing authorization key into Products.
  3. The Client expressly accepts to be bound as follows:
    • it shall neither circumvent nor attempt to circumvent such protection measures;
    • it shall neither use or allow a third party to use the Product without the locking system or the licensing authorization key;
    • HIKOB shall remain free to control at any time, and without prior notice, recordings of these technological devices; and
    • it shall never try to disassemble a Product;
    • it shall never use the Product in a manner not expressly permitted by hereby license.



  1. The Client shall remain the sole and exclusive responsible person as regards compliance in terms of data collection or data processing undertaken using the Products.



  1. Unless otherwise provided by the Client in writing no later than the time of the order, HIKOB reserves the right to quote the Client as user of the Products in its marketing materials.



  1. All sales made by HIKOB shall be solely governed by French Law.
  2. The courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals of Lyon shall be solely competent for any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation and performance of the contract, even in case of an appeal or of multiple defendants.