HIKOB LIZARD is a all-in-one module including a radio interface and a contact closure interface to be connected with a controller or an equipment.

HIKOB LIZARD can be deployed in the acquisition system as an actuator or as an output interface for the HIKOB GATEWAY.

HIKOB LIZARD provides a serial port and 4 dry contact outputs with a programmable logic.

  • 32-bit latest generation microcontroler
  • ISM bandwith: 2.4 GHZ radio transceiver
  • IEEE 802.15.4e standardized communication protocol
  • 4 dry contact interface
  • Serial port
  • Application programming interface via serial port
  • IP20 protection
  • Self-healing & self-configuring network
  • Ultra-compact module
  • Easy handling and installation by third party integrators and installers
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic (bidirectional network)
  • Integrated omnidirectionnal antenna
  • Intelligent management of radio ressources especially in disturbed radio environments
  • Simply add HIKOB LIZARD actuators to expand the coverage of the system
  • Type O rail DIN mounting


HIKOB LIZARD with 4 dry contact outputs

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