HIKOB NETPULSE is an advanced software which ensures 3 main functions in the HIKOB acquisition system:

  • Operating system & Network protocol stack
  • Administration & Supervision
  • Collected data provisioning

HIKOB NETPULSE is available as an embedded web application (on HIKOB GATEWAY only) or as an API. The access to the embedded web application is immediate just by connecting remotely to the HIKOB GATEWAY from any web browser. Intuitive and easy to use, in just a few clicks, you can access to strategic functions.

With HIKOB NETPULSE, no need to physically intervene on the field to supervise the acquisition system and to manage updates. All operations can be made remotely!

  • Centralized and continuous monitoring of the acquisition system
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic
  • Monitoring of multi-hop acquisition architectures
  • Network topology management/visualization
  • Manage Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update of HIKOB acquisition nodes, embedded sensors, actuators and routers
  • Monitoring of remaining available energy in HIKOB acquisition nodes and embedded sensors
  • Monitoring of the availability of radio links
  • RSSI and service quality monitoring
  • Data storage in the secure embedded database
  • Historical and statistics data
  • Provisioning of collected data via XML API


HIKOB NETPULSE – Release 2017

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