HIKOB WISECOW SURFACE MOUNTED  magnetometer sensor configured in static detection mode is designed for parking and street parking applications.

HIKOB WISECOW SURFACE MOUNTED sensor is clipped using a special tool on the base intended to be screwed or glued on the surface of the roadway or the covering of the parking space.

  • 32-bit latest generation microcontroler
  • ISM 2.4 GHZ radio transceiver
  • EEE 802.15.4e standardized communication protocol
  • IP67 protection
  • Resists to high level mechanical constraints
  •  Base to be fixed on the surface of the parking space
  • Removable sensor to clip on the base thanks to a specific tool provided with
  • Easy handling and installation by third party integrators and installers
  • Easy to deploy with extremely reduced civil engineering operations
  • Instantaneous and intervention free calibration and configuration
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic (bidirectionnal acquisition network)
  • Weather conditions independent
  • Dynamically compensated temperature drift
  • ISO9001 certified production factory
  • Simply add new sensors or mesh routers to expand the coverage (no reconfiguration or new calibration needed)
  • Advanced algorithms for sensors auto-calibration



 Parking application

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