HIKOB NETPULSE APP-T is a Windows-based tablet application that provides local supervision and administration of HIKOB INSTANT vehicle presence detection systems.

Access to HIKOB NETPULSE APP-T is done directly on the tablet connected via the serial output to the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE.

HIKOB NETPULSE APP-T user interface is very simple and intuitive. In just a few clicks, the strategic functions are available. A standalone application adapted and adjusted to a punctual operational administration need.

  • Management / visualization of the network composition and advance configuration of the wireless sensors topology
  • Configuration of the dry contact outputs of the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE
  • Pairing with the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE
  • Monitoring of the wireless sensors battery voltage
  • Monitoring of the wireless network quality of service (transmission/reception, RSSI)


HIKOB NETPULSE APP for traffic application, release 2018

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