In the HIKOB SENTINEL offer, the wireless network infrastructure includes gateways and OEM gateways to integrate the wireless data acquisition system with third party equipment or third party IT systems and also wireless routers to repeat and route the information from the sensors, acquisition nodes or actuators to the gateway.

Consumption rate

Latency X range


HIKOB : Distributed multipoint monitoring (traffic management, parking, industry, tracking

IoT : Metering, supply chain monitoring, fire detection

WiFI/Cellular : M2M/streaming/Point to Point

  • 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band
  • 2 standard communication stacks IEEE 802.15.4.E and ISA100
  • Self-organization and self-healing of the communication paths
  • FTDMA (Frequency Time Division Multiple Access) acquisition network
  • Easy extension of the acquisition perimeter
  • Bidirectional and synchronized network with field equipments

HIKOB LION is a wireless and ultra low power mesh router, operating in the 2.4GHz ISM bandwith and on the IEEE 802.15.4e standardized protocol. With HIKOB LION routers, you simply expand the range of your HIKOB data acquisition system.


HIKOB GATEWAY is the bridge between HIKOB’s acquisition system and an IP network. HIKOB GATEWAY collects data from the acquisition nodes or from the embedded sensors directly or through routers. HIKOB GATEWAY embed HIKOB NETPULSE software.


HIKOB GATEWAY LITE is a gateway to interface HIKOB acquisition system with third party equipments or components. HIKOB GATEWAY LITE integrates with any type of equipment or component through a serial port interface or a 4 dry contact interface.