HIKOB SENTINEL services offer you the opportunity to integrate the power and benefits of IoT technologies by developing innovative products and differentiating services and to better anticipate, maintain, operate your assets and make them last.

HIKOB SENTINEL is a novel service offering, based on ready-to-use technology bricks, on an advanced hardware and software platform, and integrating a low power, bi-directional, robust and extended range wireless communication stack.

HIKOB SENTINEL meets a wide range of requirements of the measurements and data to be collected:

  • accelerometer
  • pressure
  • temperature
  • strain gauges…

The systems conceived within the HIKOB SENTINEL offer are:

  • Installed permanently to collect data in real time, continuously and in a synchronized manner as part of predictive or preventive maintenance,
  • Deployed on mobile assets (mobile devices or equipment) in order to provide the necessary status data to monitor the operation of these assets.

Through the HIKOB SENTINEL tailored and personalized offer, our team assists you, shares its expertise and works closely with your team to:

  • co-design and deploy your monitoring projects as rapidly as possible,
  • integrate, in an OEM approach, all or part of the hardware and software platform into your products or services in record time.

The HIKOB SENTINEL services apply to various fields and in many contexts: infrastructures condition monitoring, industrial assets, equipment, machines or events.


To help you collect accurate and reliable data directly on the field on mobile assets or stationary installations, HIKOB designs wireless data acquisition systems based on a latest generation hardware and software platform…

Customer Success

Collect strategic data for condition-based maintenance, develop innovative services and products or operate their assets and make them last is what our customers have been able to do with HIKOB systems. Discover their testimonials and case studies …