Design tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to collect critical data

Customized development is sometimes the best solution to meet specific needs and unique business challenges. Thanks to proven processes, HIKOB supports infrastructure operators and industrialists in designing an efficient and viable solution to achieve their monitoring objectives very quickly and with a personalized approach.

With HIKOB SENTINEL offer, boost the implementation of stationary wireless acquisition systems, for real-time monitoring and asset maintenance, to maximize their operating time and reduce the costs of maintenance operations.

HIKOB also supports you in the design and implementation of embedded systems on mobile assets such as mobile equipment or devices.  Providing in real-time, all the state data needed for an accurate monitoring of critical asset functioning these systems enable a more detailed understanding of their time behavior as well elements of response for the maintenance optimization.

HIKOB SENTINEL offer is also a fast, reliable and effective response for all four-dimensional event monitoring.

Project co-design

HIKOB SENTINEL embodies the mastery of our teams in the co-design of tailor-made and personalized solutions. The approach begins with the support of our customers in translating their needs and ambitions into a viable and efficient solution taking into account technical, economic and ergonomic constraints. Our teams are trained in “Collaborative Design” methods to find the right compromise among a set of constraints, to share information and to combine knowledge to develop the most relevant solutions possible.

We put all our expertise and experience at the service of the system design that will best meet your goals and expectations. This key phase allows to describe the functional and technical need and to structure the project plan.


Implementation of the recommended solution includes a custom integration phase with your information system. The acquisition system automatically collects information from sensors and / or acquisition nodes placed closest to the expected measurement and provides the data needed by your business applications. Thanks to the open and scalable systems offered by HIKOB SENTINEL, at every stage of the integration process, we choose the solutions best suited to your particular requirements. At the same time, the various integration test protocols ensure an efficient and fast commissioning. You get a turnkey solution, ready-to-use for your project; a real competitive advantage.

Solution integration

HIKOB ensures the consistency of the deployment by starting an in-depth audit of the site different constraints, and studying which infrastructures could serve as a support for the equipment but also identify the automatons and field devices to be integrated into the data acquisition system. At the end of this phase, recommendations are formulated and an intervention plan is defined.

To facilitate the devices handling, HIKOB carries out the end users training during the deployment and the commissioning.

Customer service and quality exigency

Throughout the project, the quality assurance plan deployed in the HIKOB SENTINEL offer guarantees that the deadlines and the quality of the deliverables are maintained until the system is operated. The quality exigency of our customer service is the foundation of our business foundation, this is the reason why we are committed to listening, assisting and supporting our customers throughout the systems operation.


The HIKOB SENTINEL services apply to various fields and in many contexts: infrastructures condition monitoring, industrial assets, equipment, machines or events…


To help you collect accurate and reliable data directly on the field on mobile assets or stationary installations, HIKOB designs wireless data acquisition systems based on a latest generation hardware and software platform…


Collect strategic data for condition-based maintenance, develop innovative services and products or operate their assets and make them last is what our customers have been able to do with HIKOB systems. Discover their testimonials and case studies…