Based on HIKOB hardware and software platform, technologies and expertise, HIKOB SENTINEL allows to quickly deploy custom-made monitoring projects for integrity and condition monitoring of infrastructures or to integrate within in a record time all or parts of the HIKOB hardware and software platform in a product or service, in an OEM approach.

Self-organised and two-ways

Based on 2 standard communication stacks IEEE 802.15.4.E and ISA100, the main features of the HIKOB radio network are:

Self-organization and self-healing of the communication paths: When the HIKOB radio network is commissioned, the devices automatically and constantly seek out one another and chooses the most efficient radio path. There is no manual pairing or manual configuration of the equipment to be carried out so that they can communicate with one another.

HIKOB network bidirectionality makes it possible to have two-way exchanges with onsite devices, to update them and to collect in real time their state and that of the radio link.

Highly robust

HIKOB radio network relies on the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band,

The free 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band offers several communication channels to HIKOB equipment’s, reinforcing the robustness of exchanges to address the risk of disturbances.

A FTDMA (Frequency Time Division Multiple Access) acquisition network

The FTDMA mechanism offers a multiplexing of both time and frequency, providing an additional guarantee of communication fluidity and robustness.

Extended range

HIKOB wireless sensor network systems offer similar performance to a wired network, while being easy to install and scalable. The routers in the HIKOB network allow to establish a multi-hop communication with an easy extension of the acquisition perimeter. Thanks to its self-organizing capability, the network scaling is automatically done (no new configuration needed) by the addition of new sensors or acquisition nodes, offering a reliable and scalable solution to cover long distances.


Wireless sensors and acquisition nodes use a high-precision real-time clock that allows each device on the network to be synchronized with the others. During startup, all sensor and acquisition nodes within the network synchronize the sampling intervals of the signal supported by the HIKOB Gateway.


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