success stories

G2mobility was looking for a reliable system to integrate into its electric charging stations. The objective was to prevent ICE-ing phenomenom and also to provide end-users with reliable real time information on the effective availability [...]
To answer the problem of the abusive parking on the places intended for the recharge of electric vehicles SPIE City Networks builds on HIKOB to collect an accurate and reliable real-time information on EV charging [...]
As part of its street parking policy, the city of Mandelieu (French Riviera in France) decided to equip a dozen of parking spaces with short stop bollards to automatically control real-time parking. The city of [...]
To manage traffic flows in two strategic points of his road network, on the Lombards avenue and his mass transit reserved lanes as well as on the General Patton square, the city of Troyes was [...]
ITS Teknik are specialists in traffic safety and recording of traffic data, and can supply virtually anything from simple counting machines and speed indicators to traffic signal management and advanced ITS systems. ITS Teknik has [...]
As part of its product lines development, BH Technologies required an energy saving solution for its public lighting equipment. The company based in Grenoble (France) was looking for a simple and autonomous system with high [...]