To inform truck drivers on parking places availability

Within the framework of its services policy for truck drivers, APRR (a leading motorway operator in Europe) intends to equip 3 rest areas (Gravon, Jonchets Les Récompenses and Galande on the A5 motorway) with a real-time information system on truck parking places availability.

The information on parking places availability is captured in real-time on each rest area and then forwarded to be displayed on variable message signs installed on the roadside. Only one objective: less stress and more comfort for the truck drivers.

Operations Manager – Operations Department

We were looking for a wireless sensor technology as we failed to develop our own sensor internally. There is no doubt that buying an off-the-shelf system was the fastest way to achieve our performance and planning objectives. We selected HIKOB: They are experts in this domain and they master such technologies.

Once installed in the pavement, no worry with the lifetime of the HIKOB WISECOW sensor: we are secured with a 10 years lifetime. It doesn’t require any maintenance, it is undetectable preventing us from vandalism. It is a very attractive system.


Wireless systems for vehicles detection

  • 3 rest areas equipped (Gravon & Jonchets Les Récompenses on A5 motorway, Galande on A5b motorway)
  • +120 HIKOB WISECOW: wireless magneto-resistive embedded sensor for static detection
  • +20 HIKOB LION: wireless ultra low power mesh router
  • 3 HIKOB GATEWAY access points with 3G connectivity
  • One of the gateways is fully autonomous: power supply through a battery + solar panel, data transmissions through a cellular 3G network
  • Integration with the APRR information system and middleware through the HIKOB REST-XML API
  • 24/7 monitoring and administration of the system with HIKOB NETPULSE software
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostic operations through the HIKOB NETPULSE software
  • Easy installation: extremely reduced civil engineering operations, less than 10 minutes to install the HIKOB WISECOW embedded sensors
  • Very robust and accurate system regarding vehicle detection and wireless acquisition network level of service
  • Full integration with the existing information system and middleware of APRR
  • Simplified maintenance operations: managed by the APRR patrollers and operators