To maximize energy savings in the management
of public lighting equipment

Always seeking innovation, BH Technologies was studying an energy saving solution for its public lighting equipment. The company based in Grenoble (France) wanted a simple and autonomous system with high level accuracy vehicle detection to be integrated with its public lighting control solution.

HIKOB miniaturized and smart wireless magnetometer sensors have been selected by BH Technologies to detect vehicle movements in the area where the public lighting solution is deployed. They collect vehicle detection data in real-time and communicate through the HIKOB wireless radio network with the public lighting controller which adapts the light intensity depending on the real street traffic flow. Public lighting is decreased at the lowest level when the area is empty and is boosted when the wireless sensors detect vehicle movements in the area.

With the system provided by HIKOB, BH technology has been able to provide a smart and advanced public lighting control solution able to adapt in real time to the real street traffic flow.’écran-2015-12-03-à-16.jpg

« There are few solutions on the market able to monitor vehicles flows with a reliable accuracy. HIKOB system offers a great solution which allows to adjust the lighting intensity depending on the real road traffic flow by positioning the sensor anywhere we want. »

« Our business requires that we can rely on scalable support. The HIKOB team has been able to provide us with high-quality technical support leading to the success of our project. It will be very beneficial for us to integrate this architecture also in new products. »


Wireless vehicle presence detection system

  • HIKOB WISECOW : Wireless magneto-resistive sensor
  • HIKOB LION : Wireless ultra low power mesh router
  • HIKOB GATEWAY : Bridge between HIKOB’s system and an IP network
  • HIKOB LIZARD : All-in-one module including a radio interface and a contact closure interface to be connected with a controller or an equipment.
  • Serial communication bus & dry contact output for the interconnexion with the public lighting controller

Reliable, robust, and easy to deploy

  • Easy to deploy system with extremely reduced civil engineering operations
  • Easy integration with the existing hardware and software infrastructure of the public lighting system
  • Standardized and open interfaces for quicker integration
  • Superior vehicle detection accuracy and reliable wireless sensors