Reinforce automatic railway crossing safety

On nearly 15,000 railway crossings of the french national rail network, more than 10,500 are equiped by trafic lights and automatic gates. There are crossed everyday by 16 million vehicles. Every year, a hundred accidents occur on railway crossings which left over 30 persons dead.

Since two years within the framework of the DOPNA project, engineer students of the top french engineering school « Centrale Lille » are working on a system to securize railways crossing. The objective is to intall sensors in upstream and downstream of the railway crossing to detect a vehicle.

The HIKOB wireless system for vehicle detection system is currently used on the railway crossing of Lille river port in France. The HIKOB wireless and miniaturized magnetometer sensors embedded in the road pavement detect vehicles movements and communicate these data in real-time. If a vehicle stays more than 10 seconds between the two sensors, it triggers an alert to warn against danger.

A system forward the alert status to the operator of the french railway company SNCF, main partner of the project, and also to the train driver likely to arrive. This system works continuously even if the gates are not activated, and drastically strengthens the safety level and allow to anticipates fatal accidents.

Jean-Claude TRICOT
Associate Professor - Centrale Lille School

We were looking for a miniaturized and  low priced system. Radar technologies are very expensive and hard to implement. HIKOB provides a small, efficient and affordable system. It doesn’t require maintenance operations as the wireless sensors are embedded in the road and have an autonomy of several  years.

We are thrilled to be under discussions with the french railway company SNCF, partner and first user of the technology to install new sensors on others railway crossings.


Wireless system for vehicle presence detection

The HIKOB system includes the following components:

  • 2 HIKOB WISECOW sensors: wireless magnetometed sensor for vehicle detection
  • 1 HIKOB GATEWAY: gateway to integrate the wireless sensor network with the DOPNA information system. A functionality of the gateway is also to ensure the time synchronization of vehicle detection data for all the wireless sensors within the system.
  • 1 HIKOB NETPULSE software application: web application embedded in the HIKOB GATEWAY for wireless sensor network administration and monitoring. HIKOB NETPULSE provides also a REST-XML API to integrate the data feed with the DOPNA system.

Simple, miniaturized and easy to install

  • Easy installation: extremely reduced civil engineering operations, less than 10 minutes to install the HIKOB WISECOW sensors
  • Ultra-compact sensor, the smallest on the market. A very long battery life: up to 10 years depending on applications and configurations
  • Easy handling and installation by third party integrators and installers
  • Standardized and open interfaces for quicker integration
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic (bidirectional acquisition network)