Collect data to manage traffic flows

To manage traffic flows in two strategic points of his road network, on the Lombards avenue and his mass transit reserved lanes as well as on the General Patton square, the city of Troyes was exploring 2 options: to deploy a traditional system with inductive loops or to install a new generation system with wireless magnetometers.

With a similar level of accuracy but with a much lower total cost of ownership, they chose the second option: a wireless system for vehicles detection.

Benefiting also of the 2,4 GHz acquisition network deployed for the wireless magnetometers, the city of Troyes was able to expand the data acquisition system with weather monitoring data very simply and at a marginal cost.

Frédéric GUENIN
Traffic Management Director

Our city authority is always looking for innovating solutions. HIKOB is a French pioneer with the willingness to build winwin partnership and to meet our requirements. HIKOB provided us with a reliable system fitting all our needs as well as offering additional features such as road surface temperature.

We will develop our successful collaboration with HIKOB and extend the deployment in other areas of the city, HIKOB’s solution perfectly meeting our expectations. The system reliability, the quick installation and quality of our business relationship are elements that encourage us to pursue a long-term partnership.


Wireless systems for vehicle detection, traffic counting and weather data

  • 40 HIKOB WISECOW embedded sensors: wireless magneto-resistive sensor for dynamic detection
  • 2 HIKOB WISECOW road temperature embedded sensors and 2 HIKOB FROG acquisition nodes
  • 8 HIKOB LION: wireless ultra low power mesh router
  • 4 HIKOB GATEWAY: access point to interconnect with an IP network
  • 2 HIKOB LIZARD actuator modules (4 dry contact interface)
  • Road traffic data: flow, volumes and speed
  • Vehicle detection on reserved lanes for public transportation
  • Additional measures for road winter service: road surface temperature, outside humidity and air temperature
  • IP connectivity through the traffic light controllers
  • Remote data collection through a DIASER standardized protocol
  • Full integration with the urban traffic management system of the city

A reliable, robust and centralized versatile system

  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to traditional system based on inductive loops: easy installation, extremely reduced civil engineering, less than 10 minutes to install the embedded sensors, low maintenance
  • Very robust and accurate system: level of accuracy similar to traditional inductive loops
  • Full IP and DIASER integration with the urban traffic management control center
  • Remote monitoring and administration of the system
  • Simplified maintenance operations: managed by the agents and operators of the city of Troyes
  • Scalable and versatile system: vehicle detection, road traffic management and weather monitoring data
Get inspired by how HIKOB systems did boost Grand Troyes traffic control and winter road maintenance!