To capture real-time data for weather monitoring

Every year motorway and road operators are activating their operations for the winter service and are deploying substantial means.

Weather conditions data collection is a mission-critical component in the decision making process of the road winter service.

Within the framework of its smart city policy, the Grand Lyon (local authority for the city and the urban area of Lyon in France) decided to deploy an advanced data acquisition system for the road network winter service operations.

Isabelle FONTANY
Innovation & Development Engineer – Waste and Sanitation Division

The system provided by HIKOB helps us to gather more accurate measurements about weather conditions and to better understand the local situations.

It is a very interesting project that we achieved together with HIKOB: 100% successful! HIKOB perfectly met our needs and delivered undeniable internal technical skills. The successful implementation of the project encourages me to start a new cooperation in the near future.


Wireless acquisition systems for weather data

The solution is deployed on nine locations spread on the Grand Lyon area. The locations have been selected for their diversity from the environment and weather context point of view: dense urban locations as well as more rural locations at the vicinity of the city.

Every deployment sites are equipped with HIKOB WISECOW embedded sensors to measure the road surface temperature and HIKOB FROG to measure the outside temperature and humidity.

The embedded sensors and acquisition nodes are communicating real time information through the 2,4 GHz acquisition network to the HIKOB GATEWAY that is connected to an IP network (fiber network through traffic signal controllers mobile 3G networks).

The access to data (temperature, humidity, dew point and frost point) is made via HIKOB LIVEPULSE cloud and application available 24/7 on any connected device (PC, tablet, smartphone).


To inform the decision making process

With a daily budget of €400,000.00 for a winter service day of operations, the concerns in the decision making process are very high. Thus the benefits of the system are rapid to catch for the local authority:

  • real-time knowledge of phenomenons that can be very localized and fleetings,
  • larger deployment and dense network of data collection points to secure more and accurate data,
  • enrichment of weather forecasts bulletins with real-time data,
  • better understanding of the reality of the field.

The availability of real time data brings with no doubt, new, accurate and fresh key information in the decision making process to intervene at the right time, not to early and not too late and above all at the right place. The result: reduced expenditures in the winter service operations.

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