Data collection for urban traffic management

Constantly searching for innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-implement technological solutions, the City of Poitiers find in the HIKOB INSTANT system a real-time wireless vehicle detection solution that is easier to install, integrate and maintain compared to traditional solutions (loops, cameras, radar …) and for a lower total cost of acquisition. 

To manage the traffic at the junction between 2 communes street and Winston Churchill Avenue, the city of Poitiers chose to rely on the HIKOB system for the robustness of its radio protocol and the speed of data collection. 

Capitalizing on the installed wireless infrastructure, the ability to simply extend the HIKOB system to datacollection for road traffic monitoring for road weather or meteorological information via the deployed infrastructure also weighed positively in the balance.
Christian BILLAUD
Technician in charge of new technologies - City of Poitiers

«Already convinced by the relevance of the magnetometric technology, HIKOB vehicule detection system has proven with its efficiency, simplicity and reliability. In addition, the company, convinced us by the quality of its customer service and by its ability to offer services that make our job even easier. For example, I’ve in mind the HIKOB NETPULSE APP  ideal for occasionnal administration operations.»

«HIKOB systems perfectly meet our expectations in terms of reliability and speed of implementation. At the same time, the relationship with the support and the technical assistance team has been very smooth.»


Wireless Vehicle Detection System for a standard Crossroad

  •  4 HIKOB WISECOW-T: wireless magnetometer sensor for vehicule detection.
  • 1 HIKOB LION: autonomous wireless router powered by battery and solar panel.
  • 1 HIKOB GATEWAY LITE: gateway to connect the HIKOB system with the traffic light controller using dry contact interfaces.

Reliable, robust and scalable system

  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to conventional inductive loop based systems: less than 10 minutes to install sensors.
  • Reliable and robust system: performance rate equivalent to that of a conventional inductive loop.
  • Simple and fast integration with any type of traffic light controller via dry contact interface.
  • Simplified administration, supervision and local maintenance via the HIKOB NETPULSE APP application available on tablet.
  • Multiple applications system: vehicle detection, traffic measurements and road weather measurements.
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