Real-time parking presence monitoring for 700 parking places

ITS Teknik are specialists in traffic safety and recording of traffic data, and can supply virtually anything from simple counting machines and speed indicators to traffic signal management and advanced ITS systems. ITS Teknik has worked with the world’s leading suppliers of traffic management equipment for many years and is able to provide the best products in the industry by means of their customized system solutions.

One of the business areas where ITS Teknik is active is Parking Guidance Systems. Effective parking guidance allows optimized use of parking resources, protects the environment by reducing fuel consumption, increases user satisfaction and provides a full overview of the occupancy in the car park.

ITS Teknik has therefore chosen the vehicle presence detection system based on the HIKOB WISECOW sensors in order to develop and provide a turnkey parking guidance system.

Lars Hougaard JAKOBSEN
Business Manager

“We chose to work with HIKOB and use their single space detectors due to their quality, their flexibility, their precision, their battery life and their ease of installation.”

“Furthermore additional HIKOB WISECOW can be installed in existing projects, meaning the system is modular. Clients see this as a significant advantage.”


Wireless vehicle presence detection system

  • Detection system based on HIKOB WISECOW wireless magneto-resistive sensors
  • Advanced algorithms for sensor auto-calibration
  • Wireless autonomous multi-points data acquisition system
  • Wireless acquisition network composed of HIKOB LION wireless ultra low power mesh routers and HIKOB GATEWAY access point
  • HIKOB NETPULSE software to continuously administrate and supervise the system
  • Data integration via REST-XML API

Simple, reliable and easy to implement

  • Instantaneous and intervention free calibration and configuration
  • Easy handling and installation by third party integrators and installers
  • Easy to deploy with extremely reduced civil engineering operations: less than 10 minutes to install HIKOB WISECOW sensors
  • Remote maintenance operations and diagnostic (bidirectional acquisition network)
  • Weather conditions independent especially in harsh winter conditions