To control real-time street parking occupancy

As part of its street parking policy, the city of Mandelieu (French Riviera in France) decided to equip a dozen of parking spaces with short stop bollards to automatically control real-time parking.

The city of Mandelieu selected the short stop bollard system provided by MAGSYS (HIKOB partner) and integrated with the HIKOB system for real-time parking occupancy monitoring.


HIKOB offers high technical skills, integrated products and a complete software interface. We choose HIKOB systems because they fit with our requirements and they are a must have add-on to the technologies we already provide.

This collaboration enabled us to develop new markets. We entered the new business of street parking, developed web applications being HIKOB data feed and strengthen our position in the market as an integrator.


Wireless vehicle presence detection system

  • +10 HIKOB WISECOW: wireless magneto-resistive sensor for static detection
  • +3 HIKOB LION: wireless ultra low power mesh router
  • 2 HIKOB GATEWAY LITE: to connect the HIKOB system with the MAGSYS short-stop bollard
  • Control & command of the bollard through dry contact outputs / serial link
  • Integration of the vehicle detection data with the MAGSYS-PARKING web application
  • 24/7 remote monitoring & administration of the system with MAGSYS-PARKING application
  • Local maintenance and diagnostic with HIKOB NETPULSEAPP-P application

Easy, reliable and quick to install

  • Easy to deploy: extremely reduced civil engineering works, less than 10 minutes to install the HIKOB WISECOW sensors
  • Deployment of the wireless acquisition network (routers and gateways) on the existing street furniture
  • Accurate and reliable system both on the vehicle detection and on the wireless acquisition network: a guarantee for a high level of service
  • Very simple hardware integration with the short stop bollard via dry contact control
See how Magsys refines the control of its temporary stop bollards with HIKOB detection systems