Quantify and qualify traffic flows

The City of Marseillan (France) has found in HIKOB INSTANT real-time wireless vehicle detection system a reliable and accurate solution. Based on wireless sensors, miniature, it is easier to install and more discreet than traditional solutions (inductive loops, cameras, radar …) for a lower total cost of ownership.

The seaside resort of Marseillan Plage and Marseillan Ville was looking for a system to provide to obtain precise statistics on the flow of vehicles between Marseillan Plage to Marseillan Ville in particular via the cities of Agde and Mèze. Today, the data gathered by HIKOB system in three strategic points provide key insight to quantify and qualify the flow of traffic and thus better understand the drivers habits, in particular in the summer peak season.
General Manager of Services City of Marseillan, France

«In addition to the reliability of the data reported in real time, what convinced us is also the ease and speed of installation of a system. It is efficient and cost effective.»

«HIKOB meets our expectations, both in terms of equipment reliability and responsiveness of the customer service. We are very satisfied with this partnership. »


Wireless vehicle detection system

  • 8 HIKOB WISECOW-T: wireless magnetometer sensors
  • 2 HIKOB LION: wireless ultra-lowpower router powered by solar panel and built-in battery
  • 3 HIKOB GATEWAY: gateway to connect the wireless system with the cloud plateform
  • HIKOB LIVEPULSE: private and dedicated cloud software platform, available 24/7 for remote management of data combining storage, visualization and data reports.

Reliable, robust and scalable system

  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to systems based on electromagnetic loops.
  • Easy and quick to install: less than 10 minutes by simple coring.
  • Reliable and robust system: performance rate equivalent to that of a wired solution.
  • All in one 24/7 system from on field data collection to data storage and analytics in the cloud.
Grasps the way Marseillan sharpens its traffic policy with HIKOB vehicle detection systems.