Control vehicle presence on charging stations parking places

HIKOB INSTANT IRVE solution detects the presence of vehicles on the parking spaces. Installed on or buried n the parking space pavement, the sensor delivers the information in real time and maximize the charging point usage. Since June 2017, NEXANS has supplied and maintain 149 public charging stations for the innovative car-sharing electric vehicle service offered by the Ardennes-Metropolis agglomeration authority in the 61 municipalities surrounding Charleville-Mézières (France). Simply integrated with the charging infrastructure, it makes it possible to ensure that the vehicles occupying the parking places dedicated to charging are indeed electric vehicles. Through this complementary system, HIKOB contributes to the efficiency of a service that meets the challenges of the energy transition and promotes electric mobility for all.
A key actor for Energy Transition

Nexans, with industrial locations in 40 countries, has commercial activities all over the world and employs around 26,000 people. Nexans’ «electric mobility» business was developed within the subsidiary Nexans Power Accessories France, which employs more than 150 people.


Wireless vehicle detection system integrated with NEXANS EV charging stations

Integrated with the NEXANS EV charging solution and based on autonomous sensors installed on the charging places, the HIKOB INSTANT IRVE turnkey system, quick and easy to install, continuously controls vehicle presence. NEXANS monitor the use of terminals as well as the availability of places in real time and obtain accurate and complete information that makes the service more reliable.

Equipment for a two parking spaces charging station :

  • 2 HIKOB WISECOW: wireless sensor magnetometer sensor with advanced auto-calibration algorithms
  • 1 HIKOB GATEWAY LITE: gateway to integrate the detection system with the terminal (integration through dry contacts interface)

Simplified installation:

  • Reduced logistics costs thanks to miniature equipment.
  • Minimal installation operations: less than 10 minutes per HIKOB WISECOW sensor
  • Immediate hardware integration with charging stations by dry contact

Improved quality of service:

  • Inform drivers in real time about the effective availability of EV charging stations
  • Maximize the use of charging stations
  • Make the EV car-sharing service more reliable

Reliability and scalability of the system:

  • Superior vehicle detection accuracy
  • Automatic scaling of the self-organized and bidirectional wireless network
  • Robust wireless communications between the sensors and the EV charging Station.