Boosting the transition to electromobility

SPIE City Networks provides on behalf of 5 charging points network operators, the operation of commercial, payment and technical services for the network of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. To answer the problem of the abusive parking on the places intended for the recharge of electric vehicles SPIE City Networks builds on HIKOB to collect an accurate and reliable real-time information on EV charging station availability. Simply integrated into the charging stations, the HIKOB INSTANT IRVE solution based on wireless, miniature and autonomous sensors to detect vehicle presence has imposed itself by its detection performance level and its ease of installation.
Deployment coordinator eborn network project

HIKOB INSTANT IRVE system is based on a technology whose efficiency has previously been proven in fields as demanding as road traffic counting and traffic control. It enables us to guarantee to managers the efficiency of the charging stations service and to offer to electric vehicles drivers a continuity of service. In addition, the HIKOB NETPULSE APP portable application facilitates the implementation and the action of the teams in the field. By integrating this efficient and scalable solution, in line with our SmartCity and SmartGrid strategies, we are greatly enhancing our level of service.

Convinced of HIKOB INSTANT IRVE system relevance to make the information of the charging stations availability more reliable and also very satisfied with the relationship and the support of HIKOB teams, I am relying on HIKOB for future deployments.


Wireless vehicle presence detection system

HIKOB INSTANT IRVE system detects in real time the presence of vehicles in the parking space. SPIE City Networks is tracking the real time use of EV charging stations and the availability of dedicated parking spaces to provide end users with reliable information regarding the actual availability of charging stations. Via a mobile application, electric vehicle drivers locate free and accessible charging stations. Very compact, easy to install HIKOB INSTANT IRVE system limits logistics costs, reduces civil engineering constraints and optimizes on-site installation operations.

Equipment for two-places EV charging stations:

  • HIKOB WISECOW wireless magnetometer sensor with advanced auto-calibration algorithms
  • HIKOB GATEWAY LITE gateways to interface the detection system with the terminal (integration with the charging infrastructure by dry contact)

Easy to integrate, quick to install, reliable and scalable

Plug&play installation: 

  • Reduced logistics reduced thanks to a miniature equipment
  • Reduced logistics reduced thanks to a miniature equipment
  • Hardware integration with the EV charging stations through dry contact interface

Improved quality of service: 

  • Inform the drivers in real time about the availability of charging stations
  • Maximize the use of charging stations
  • Increase the reliability of electric vehicle use

Reliable and scalable system: 

  • A high performance detection system
  • A robust radio network
  • A range of acquisition perimeter simply extensible
  • An automatic scaling of the self-organized and bidirectional radio network
Understand how SPIE maximizes the use of electric vehicle charging stations