To inform on parking places availability

As part of the research projet CISIT SYFRA (Systems For Smart Road Applications) supported by the CPER-PO 2007-2014 of the Nord Pas de Calais region in France, the LAMIH laboratory (UMR CNRS 8201) of the Valenciennes University selected HIKOB system to evaluate the impact of different assignement policies for parking spaces.

The wireless system for vehicle detection includes energy autonomous and wireless sensors deployed on each parking place. The wireless sensors are buried in the road pavement and communicate detection data through HIKOB wireless acquisition network.

The LAMIH laboratory has been able to collect key data to develop a mobile application (Android, iOS) providing real-time information that people can use to be assigned a parking place.
Professor – UVHC laboratory

« HIKOB provided us the wireless technology we were looking for, a wired technology would have been too restrictive. The system is reliable and the products are very robust with a lifetime of about ten years and great ease of deployment. »

« HIKOB knows very well the academic world. We benefited from a listening ear for our research approach. The deployment was a success, we are fully satisfied. »


Wireless systems for vehicles detection

  • +100 HIKOB WISECOW: wireless magneto-resistive embedded sensor for static detection
  • +20 HIKOB LION: wireless ultra low power mesh router
  • 1 HIKOB GATEWAY: bridge between HIKOB’s system and an IP network
  • Integration with the information system and middleware through the HIKOB REST-XML API
  • 24/7 monitoring and administration of the system with HIKOB NETPULSE software
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostic operations through the HIKOB NETPULSE software

Easy, reliable and quick to install

  • Easy installation: extremely reduced civil engineering operations, less than 10 minutes to install the HIKOB WISECOW embedded sensors
  • Optimize traffic to the parking resources in the same geographical area
  • Very robust and accurate system regarding vehicle detection and wireless acquisition network level of service
  • Inform drivers about parking place availability in real-time