By what process does the sensor detect the vehicle?

The sensor detect the presence of a vehicle parked above it by measuring the magnetic field variations generated by the vehicle metallic body.

How much sensor is required per parking space?

A sensor in the center of the parking space is sufficient to detect a light vehicle.

How do I get the place availability information?

The status of each parking space is available via the GATEWAY LITE dry contact output to which the corresponding sensor has been associated. The availability status of the various places is available via a dedicated frame on the RS232 serial link.

Can the dry contact outputs be set?

The use of dry contacts can be completely parameterized for the availability of a seat: “Open” or “Closed”, for fault or malfunction status: “Normally Open” / “Normally Closed” or maintaining the last valid state.

How many places can the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE kit cover?

HIKOB INSTANT IRVE kits are intended to be integrated into a EV charging station and monitor 2 places.

Is the perimeter of acquisition of HIKOB INSTANT EVSE vehicle presence detection system extensible?

The range of radio communications can be extended as required by using HIKOB LION routers which power supply is ensured by its battery and its integrated solar panel.

How to proceed to interface the HIKOB acquisition system to the charging station?

HIKOB GATEWAY LITE collects the data from the sensors directly or via the routers and transmits them to the terminal.

What role does the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P play in the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE system?

The HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P is the control and interface equipment for HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors with third-party equipment. All the data coming from the sensor network is made available on the gateway. Only devices that have been added to the gateway login list will be able to connect to it.

How many places can the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE system cover?

HIKOB INSTANT IRVE system can cover up to 4 places via dry contact and 16 places via the RS 232 serial link.