How to check the status of the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE system?

On the NETPLUSE APP application the “Status of the system” shows the state of the HIKOB detection system. It gives a summary of the state of connections of the different devices, their unique identifier in the network, the pairing of the sensors HIKOB WISECOW-P, their calibration status, the activation of the auto-calibration option, the combination “dry contacts / Sensors” and the quality of service of the system.

How to check the status of the HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors connected to the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P?

Each dry contact output is associated with a HIKOB WISECOW-P sensor and the Blue LED above each output reflects the sensor connectivity:


  • LED off: the output is unaffected,
  • LED flashes: the sensor is not present in the network (not yet connected, temporarily disconnected),
  • LED lit steadily: sensor is present in the network.

How to check the status of parking places (free/busy)?

The LED that reflects the condition of the parking space is:


  • Green if the place is free,
  • Red if busy,
  • Off if there is no sensor assigned to the output.

How to check network’s quality of service?

The QoS (Quality of Service) menu of the NETPULSE APP application provides extensive information on the quality of service in the HIKOB wireless network. In order to qualify the quality of the radio link between HIKOB equipment, we display the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) values in dBm. Its values range from 0 dBm to -90 dBm. For optimal operation of HIKOB equipment, its value should not fall below -80 dBm.