How to integrate the HIKOB acquisition system into the electric charging station?

HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P can be installed simply by mounting on DIN Rail type O inside the charging station.

What are the power recommendations of the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P ?

HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P  is powered by a DC voltage between 6 and 48 Volt.

What kind of outputs does HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P propose to interface with a charging point?

HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P  has 4 opto-isolated dry contacts with a maximum current of 60 Volt / 100 mA as well as a serial output complying with RS 232.

Are there any recommendations to be followed to preserve the communication performance between HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P and the HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors?

It is recommended that the radio link between the sensors and the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P radio antenna meets the least metal obstacle. If necessary, it is possible to remove the antenna.

Does the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P need to be supplied for commissioning the system?

Indeed, it allows to wake up the HIKOB radio network and its sensors to carry out the calibration phase (on empty places).

What type of connector is required to power the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P?

Using the screw connector supplied with the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P, the gateway can be powered by a DC voltage between 6VDC and 48VDC.

How to check the status of parking places (free/busy)?

The LED that reflects the condition of the parking space is:


  • Green if the place is free,
  • Red if busy,
  • Off if there is no sensor assigned to the output.

Should the HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors be calibrated for commissioning?

Once installed on site, each sensor must be calibrated in a free space to reflect the magnetic field corresponding to the non-occupancy of the space. Two options are available:


  • The 3 point blue connector with jumper, supplied with the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P, can be used to calibrate the HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors assigned to an output.
  • The “HIKOB WISECOW-P” sensor calibration menu of the NETPULSE APP application allows to calibrate (free space) all HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors connected to the gateway at one time or individually.

What is the calibration validity period?

During the initial calibration, the system records the value of the magnetic measurement corresponding to a free space. In order to be robust to changes in current magnetic field conditions, the sensors incorporate a self-calibration algorithm.

How to check the status of the HIKOB WISECOW-P sensors connected to the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE-P?

Each dry contact output is associated with a sensor and the blue LED above each output reflects the sensor connectivity:


  • LED off: the output is unaffected,
  • LED flashes: the sensor is not present in the network (not yet connected, temporarily disconnected),
  • LED lit steadily: sensor is present in the network.