Does the deployment of a parking application based on WISECOW-P sensors require calibration?

Yes, a calibration operation (Empty Place) is necessary to take into account the initial environment of the sensor. Thereafter, the HIKOB WISECOW sensor will use a self-calibration algorithm to adapt itself to possible the changes in the initial environment.

How do the routers chain themselves in the HIKOB system?

The system is self-configured, the routers automatically chain.

What is a self-configuring network?

As soon as the HIKOB gateway is switched on, the devices will connect and automatically build the radio network. There is no manual pairing or manual configuration of the equipment to be carried out so that they can communicate with one another. Every equipment is able to choose the best radio link quality, consequently the most economical.

In the case a sensor is disconnected, how is it reconnected to the network?

The radio network is a dynamic system, the sensor permanently sends a presence message, if this presence link is cut off, the sensor is considered disconnected from the network, HIKOB protocol being dynamic, sensors automatically seek the way to restore this link.