How can I identify the direction of installation (up-down) of the HIKOB WISECOW sensors?

The top of the sensor is identifiable by the presence of an engraving of the HIKOB logo. The identification tags are affixed at the bottom of the sensor.

How does a HIKOB WISECOW sensor fit?

The installation is done by coring in the road surface.

How long does it take to install a HIKOB WISECOW sensor?

The installation of a HIKOB sensor takes about 15 minutes, coring and resin drying included.

In what types of surfaces can the HIKOB WISECOW sensors be installed?

HIKOB WISECOW sensors can be installed in any type of road surface or surfaces coating which material composition does not include metal.

Should a specific resin be used for the HIKOB WISECOW sensors installation?

HIKOB provides a specially formulated and extremely durable bi-component resin.

Does the router’s insertion angle has an influence on the solar refill performance?

Yes, the router must be directed southward as far as possible and tilted by a 60-degree angle with regard to the horizontal.

What is the power mode of a HIKOB GATEWAY?

HIKOB GATEWAY is fed via Power Over Ethernet.

How are identified each of the sensors of the system?

Every sensor possesses a unique address MAC allowing to identify it in the system. 

Does the installation of the material HIKOB require the intervention of an approved installer?

The installation of HIKOB equipment’s which is very simple can be managed by third operators and\or installers.