How to interface my information system with the HIKOB system?

Via the HIKOB GATEWAY which is equipped with a native IP connection (via wired network or mobile network). It also includes a REST / XML server allowing the complete integration of the HIKOB system with your information system.

How can I integrate data from the HIKOB acquisition system into my business application?

Access to the HIKOB system data is done via the REST / XML / JSON server installed on the HIKOB GATEWAY thanks to a documented API.

Is it possible to interface my system with a device via a serial link?

Yes, with the HIKOB GATEWAY LITE which possess an RS232 serial link to access data thanks to documented API.

Does the HIKOB system integrate “dry contact” interfaces?

The HIKOB system integrates modules with “dry contact”.

How does the HIKOB system ensure security in an IP network?

In case the gateway is interfaced via Ethernet (Local Area Network), the security is carried by the local network. In the case of a connection via a 3G network, the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes it possible to secure the communication link.